Presenter 09 published presentation navigation bar stalled+firefox

Hi All,

I have a problem with presenter 09 and blackboard, I searched the support site and the forum and still could not find the solution yet, I am getting reallyI frustrated, and I dont know if the problem is with presenter or blackboard.

I created a PPT,  published it (web) and uploaded to blackboard 09 CMS. The published presentation plays no problem on IE 8/9, but the navigation bar stalls on some of the slices on firefox. As you can see from the screenshot below,  the content of some slides stall for a bit despite it shows "playing" on the navigation bar. The content will show eventually, but it may pause for seconds or even minutes.

The content includes some objects which I do group and copy and paste back as an image. I have some animation functions added as well.

I have tried to publish to LMS, put as much content as possible to the master slides, but the problem is still there.

Sorry I cant provide a link becuause of the confidentiality of the content.

I have to get the course ready soon for the begining of September, and I still CAN NOT sort the problem. Could any of you please help me?? Any suggestions or help will be really appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance.


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Brian Batt

Hi Christine,

According to the Blackboard knowledge base, you may need to add XML to the cacheable extensions list in the Blackboard configuration.  See the following Blackboard article for more information.  (You will need a user account to login to the Blackboard knowledge base.)