Presenter 13 amd Windows 10 compatability

Aug 19, 2015


I apologize if this has been answered already but I cant seem to find the forum search function.  I am wondering about Windows 10 support. I installed articulate studio 13 on windows 10 and there were serious issues with videos embedded into the slides.  Is there a workaround to have full functionality with Windows 10?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Genya, 

Good news! Articulate Studio '13 is fully supported with Windows 10. If you install a new copy of Studio '13 on a Windows 10 computer, follow the standard activation instructions here.

However, if you upgrade an existing computer to Windows 10 with Studio '13 already installed, you may see a UI_AdminRequiredNotice error message when you launch the Studio apps. You'll need to reactivate each app with administrative privileges to correct it. Follow these steps:

Genya Kaplun

Ashley, thanks for your reply. I have a clean install of Windows 10 and new installation of studio (latest update).  Here is my problem. I have many courses that contain a full slise video on every slide. Now if I create a new presentation and import the video via articulate interface it plays just fine, however if I open any existing presentation the slides are blank. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Genya,

Are only the video slides blank or all your former presentations are blank? Could you have moved the .ppta files associated with the Powerpoint files? If so that can cause odd issues, and you'll want to also make sure that you're working on all local project files. . Are you inserting the videos using the Powerpoint insert option or the Presenter option? You'll want to use the latter.  

Genya Kaplun

I should clarify, in the presentation the slides are NOT blank, they show the first frame of the video that's supposed to be on that slide, however if I publish or preview, the slide is blank, with the search bar progressing as if the video is playing but there is no video.

Yes I add videos via articulate interface and there is no way I moved a PPTA file.

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