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Greg Davis

Hi there.




I am using Presenter Update 4. I am publishing using Scorm 1.2. This
happened in 3 -4 slides. I deleted the bullets and added them back in and
they published fine. My confidence with Presenter '13 is low. I've had so
many problems. This project is a rebuild because it originated in '09 and
didn't translate well when updated with '13. So, I'm starting over. HUGE
amounts of time spent on this kind of stuff i.e., volume in Engage has to be
reduced by 40%, etc.








Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details Greg. First, let me mention that responding via e-mail adds your signature to your post. Not sure if you need to pop in and edit that :)

So, are you able to re-create this issue or it just happened to the upgraded project?

The only issue that I've seen reported on this has been related to HTML5 with animation.

Poder Klabo


Problems with bulleted text are a very old problem with Articulate and are likely more to do with Flash.

The solution is simple. Dump them. Stop using them. They are widely reviled in almost every design standard in existence.

If you need to set off text, do it with something else. If you have an idiot customer who must have bulleted text, convert the image to a png and manage it that way.