Presenter 13 Challenges with inputing text

Sorry, this POST is for Storyline (not presenter 13)

I am struggling with the text capabilities in Storyline. I MUST be doing something wrong.

1. I have 4 identical boxes that I want to label at a size 14 pitch. I try to force it, but the text is resizing to different sizes like 14.5 or 15 or 15.5.

2. When I select a text box and change the font and color the box doesn't retain the information. If I copy and past into the box it reverts back to the default setting. If I go into a text box that I've changed, at the beginning or end of the text box, it reverts to the default setting.

3. The Format painter doesn't seem to work with text boxes.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

A few things you'll want to check into for your text issues:

  • What slide zoom are you using? You'll want to work at 100% zoom while editing your .story slides as working at a different zoom could cause it to appear differently while previewing/published than when you were editing.
  • Also check your DPI setting, as Storyline will function as expected at 96 DPI.
  • A good reminder to ensure you're working with local project files as working off a network drive or USB could cause odd behavior.
  • In regards to the changing of the colors/font within your text box, if you're copying/pasting information in here's a reminder of how that will be formatted. 
  • The format painter is working as expected for me in text boxes - so I'm curious if this is occurring for you on every file, or just this one? If it's every file, I'd suggest conducting the repair of Storyline after checking into the elements above.