Presenter 13 Course wierd display on iphone/android

I published a course on presenter 13 html5 which works fine on an ipad but doesnt  resize to fit the ipad or iphone screen.I need to zoom in to view components.

Well, with an iphone or android, the content displays just half of the page and a lot of zoom, screen manipulation is required.Also it is super slow and takes forever to move from one screen to another.The audio plays backwards as if not properly synched but it works fine on ipad or desktop.

Any tips on how to fix this?

Thanks for your help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Maurine,

I apologize for the lack of response. Currently, we support content published for the iPad through HTML5 and/or the Articulate Mobile Player. We do not officially support Android or iPhones, but I know that this is a common feature request and something our team is looking into for future releases.  You can find the current system viewing requirements here. 

Also as described in this publishing article, the answer to "what publishing option should I choose if my users are on Android devices?" is included below:

When you direct learners to the presentation.html file in your published output, they'll automatically see the best version for their device and browser. Most Android devices support Flash, so learners will have the best experience by viewing the Flash version of your presentation. If they're using a browser that doesn't support Flash, and if you included HTML5 output when you published, they'll see the HTML5 version instead. See this article for details on how this works.

Although your Presenter courses may work as expected on Android devices, Articulate doesn't officially support viewing content on Android devices or browsers.

In the meantime, perhaps some community members that have successfully published for Android or iPhones can chime in with some suggestions or feedback.