Presenter 13 crashing PowerPoint

I installed an eval copy of Articulate Studio 13 and whenever I insert a character on a slide it freezes PowerPoint or crashes it.

Is anyone else having this problem?   What could be wrong?

Also,  I had the impression that all the characters are bundled with Studio 13 but I'm only getting one of them and the link for more sends me to the Articulate online store.

One reason for my interest in version 13 (I have 9 now) is the characters - when you upgrade do you get them all?

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Mike Smith

Another update. I have reinstalled Windows (again!) from my laptop's recovery partition. This time I did not install Kaspersky. Now I can start PowerPoint 2013 and access the Articulate menu. I even recorded a few test narrations and annotations. But on hitting 'publish' it crashed. Earlier I had another crash, so I rebooted. So, progress of sorts. When I have time I'll go through the Articulate erratic behaviour fixes again and update here. Meanwhile I've got real work to do, so back to PowerPoint 2007.

Kaspersky told me that fully uninstalling their software fully removes it. There's nothing left behind. They closed the case. So I guess I was just 'lucky' reinstalling Windows without Kaspersky and 'unlucky' the time I did install Kaspersky ... I have re-opened the case with them, pointing to the link in my last post here and to one on Microsoft's site reporting similar behaviour.

Watch this space!