Presenter 13 - Flash & HTML5 - Image Quality is awful

Text is exported really nice in Studio 13, however image quality is terrible.

I've tried so many variations:

  • 2000 px images scaled down (for support on iPad 3)
  • 100% actual size images
  • Different PPI resolutions
  • Different file formats

The excruciatingly difficult thing is that sometimes, in future exports, images appear crisper than earlier publishes...and nothing was done to alter the images.

I can't find out what the magic recipe is to have a nice export of images. Even the logo you put in the player exports really crappy in comparison to other authoring tools in Claro and iSpring 

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Russell Still

Can you give us a link to something you have online so we can take a look and comment? Also, provide a link straight to an image or two that you're using, but aren't rendering clearly. That way we can compare.

Personally, I'm not having any image quality issues. I always use images that are scaled for 100% and at 72 dpi (optimized for internet). I also set the "Image Quality" slider to 100% at publish time. What do you have that set at?

Mike Cerantola

100% as well. But we're also trying to support the retina display of the iPad, so quality looks better.

I'm not sure if I can link anything know...legalities and stuff... but here's a picture showcasing powerpoint, ispring, and articulate

I wonder what I'm doing wrong

Brandon Foltz

Hi Mike,

I can confirm that we are dealing with same image quality issue when exporting from Articulate Studio; it's terrible. We use Adobe Presenter and are/were considering switching over to Articulate Studio, but the lack of quality output makes that impossible. Adobe Presenter and Articulate Presenter output nearly the exact same Flash-based output. If Adobe can do it, anyone can. The HTML5 output from Articulate is even worse. Based on the dimensions of the PowerPoint and it's images, the Articulate output is smaller and it still looks terrible. These are all from the exact same PPT:

PowerPoint Settings

Adobe Presenter Output

Articulate Studio Presenter Flash output

Articulate Studio Presenter HTML5 output