Presenter 13 - Importing Video (WMV) - takes too long (hours!)

Nov 05, 2013


I upgraded recently to Studio 13. Now I added a wmv video to my new project (42 MB, 960x600px) and Articulate needed two hours to implement the video to the project.

I assume it encoded it to MP4. As a comparison: This tooks about 10 Minutes using XMedia Recode on my machine.

Now publishing my project takes again more then one hour and it is still working and there is no indication of time needed for completion.

The dialog box says "Encoding filename.mp4" so I'm not sure what articulate is actually doing since it should have already converted the wmv to mp4 in the first step.

Is this an expected duration for such an project? Or is there anything I can do to speed things up?

With Presenter 09 I never experienced such long encoding periods during publishing. (Using 3rd party software to encode wmv to mp4 before).



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Russell Still

It may be just difference in philosophy, but I'd never attempt to insert a video of that size into a tool like Presenter to begin with. A bit like trying to pour ten gallons of water into a five gallon bucket. I hear you that it worked in '09, but it sounds to me like a pretty risky thing in general. Is it possible to break your video up a bit and play it in sections across multiple slides?

Felix Kapohl

You're right this sounds strange. However the video is a recorded webinar and we distribute these recordings via our Learning Management System.

The only way to do this is to create a scorm package with articulate.

Anyhow, I found a solution. I started from scratch with a new presentation without the old ppta file from 09. Now it works.

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