Presenter '13 not showing Slide Numbers on Slides

Apr 08, 2014

In my slide master I have it set to display the slide number in the footer of each slide. These numbers display fine when I am working on the slides in PowerPoint, however when I publish the course I only see  "<#>" displayed in the corner of each slide instead of the corresponding slide number. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you!

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Alicia Thibaudet

I struggled with this for almost 8 hours before I figured out everything that needed to be checked/set before the slide numbers would appear correctly in my published presenter.  All other instructions I found on e-Learning Heroes didn't work for me.  I created a guide for myself and my colleagues once I figured it out and tried it on 2 different presentations, and here are the steps.

1.       Open presentation and click the View tab, then Slide Master

2.       Make sure you select the 1st slide that appears in the Slide Master View and click the Master Layout button.  This will ensure that you are adding a slide number to all layout slides below it.

3.       Check the box for Slide number and click OK

4.       Confirm that a Slide Number box with (#) has been added to the slide

5.       Click the box and format that slide number box so that the font, size, color, etc. are correct.  Also move the box to the location on the slide where you want the slide numbers to appear.

6.       Click the 1st layout slide in the Slide Master View and check the Footers box

7.       Confirm that the slide number box now appears on the 1st layout slide.

8.       Repeat this for all other layout slides

9.       Click Close Slide Master View to return to the presentation

10.   Go to Insert and click Slide Number

11.   Check the box for Slide Number.  You will see the little black box appear on the Preview on the screen.  Click Apply to All. If you do not want the slide number to show on the title slide, make sure the Don’t show on title slide box is checked.

12.   Confirm that the slide numbers appear on the PowerPoint slides in Slideshow Mode and in Preview in Articulate

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