Presenter '13 not working on Internet '11

Mar 14, 2017

I created a training in Presenter '13 that has both an Engage interaction and a Quiz within it.  I published it as a Web output, but it will not work.  The training will open up one time on the computer that I produced it on, but only once.  When I try to open it again (either with the html or html_5 file) it won't work again.  It also won't work if I try and open it on another computer.  I have tried Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and FireFox.  I have already downloaded the update for the Articulate '13 package hoping that that would fix the issue.  Has anyone else found a way to make it work?  I really need the output to be an html file as I need to distribute the training this way.  It worked fine when we had Articulate '09.  Is there a way to "save down" to an older version of Articulate like you can with Word and PowerPoint that may fix the problem?  I need to find out a fix soon as this training needs to be completed quickly.  Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ashley!

When you're testing the published output, what Web environment are you uploading it to? My first thought is that if you're testing locally, rather than uploading to a web environment, that may be what's causing the issues you're seeing. You'll want to make sure to upload your published output to it's intended environment to test it properly.

A quick and easy way to test content published for web is to upload it right to Tempshare. This is a free tool that will create a temporary internet link for you to view your published course on the web.

If you're still seeing these issues after testing it out in Tempshare, would you mind sharing your Articulate Package here so we can do some additional investigating on our end? You're more than welcome to share it right in the thread here as an attachment on to a comment, or if you'd prefer you can share it privately with our Support Engineers over here. Thanks for reaching out!

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