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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Allan!

Are you using the "Notes Master" in PowerPoint? If so, you might want to take a look at the following article:

Formatting Notes Via the Notes Master in PowerPoint Doesn't Work in Articulate Presenter

There are a few suggestions there that may help.

If you're not using the master, can you tell us if the formatting works within the slide at all? For example, does it apply to the project, but not show up after previewing or publishing?


Allan Carrington

Hi Christine

Greetings for the season and thanks for responding .... even though I have been using Articulate Pro for many years .... I am a MAC addict and and Apple Distinguish Educator.  i.e. I use Keynote and not PPT for all my presentations.  End result is I don't know a lot about PPT to push the envelope . It is only when I need to do something in Articulate that I go back find out how PPT does things   Is this reverse engineering  

As a result of this would you believe I didn't even know about a Notes Master until this glitch.  I actually read that link before I submitted this cry for help but had already only formatted the notes (audio script for accessibility) slide by slide.  In the current Interactive Learning Module (ILM) I'm working on link below  every note on every slide has been formatted Helvetica 10pt Flush left .... have a look at the module please .... every note for every slide is Centred and I think might be bigger than a 10pt size.  I must add though when I saw this on the first publish with notes in place the type was huge so that is when I choose 10 pt to see what happened.  The type got proportionally smaller but not formatted left.  

Think it is a bug. As I teach Accessibility is important I teach teachers that they should use the notes feature this way so I would like a solution to this as soon as possible please.  You will also see a word doc in the resources of the complete script also for Accessibility.  Another pedagogical benefit for using the notes this way is that the Search field will search a term I/the teacher spoke in the voice over for quick access to revisit.  This is a biggie for students wanting to review.

My first ILM in Studio 13 Pro is "CALLED to Instruct Them in the Practice" is still in BETA in that there are a couple of Formative Assessments missing and I am working on developing the  "How to use the module" popup tab -but you can see what I am talking about.

Please help


Allan Carrington

Hi Leslie

Please forgive me for not responding to your request. These forums don't seem to send emails from replies/comments to a thread.  At least I can't find settings for it.  I have just seen your message and it is Jan 14th 2014 ... Happy New Year BTW. 

I will certainly send you the files ... just ack that this is still OK .... and Ill watch the forum