Presenter 13 Notes - Wrong Justification

Help!  I'm updating several courses from Presenter 09 to Presenter 13.  I'm having MANY issues in doing this (most are audio editor related), but one that I simply can't unravel is why the notes are showing as center justified.  They were left justified in the original presentation and they appear to be left justified in my file.  I've even taken the extra step of going to the note page view and formatting each text box for presenter notes to left justified (although they were already left justified.) 

This didn't change anything and it looks very unprofessional.  It's also really big, although the font is Arial 12.  Can someone please explain how to change this back to left justified?

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Joyce Hensen

Thanks for the response, but nothing that was suggested is working.  Here are the most recent steps I've taken:

  • Reformat the notes master
  • Reformat each individual notes page
  • Publish for word > reformat in word (with a different font) > delete all of the notes from PP >  paste the notes from Word back into the reformatted notes sections.  Publish again (both for LMS and Web).  No change from the original center justified display.