Presenter '13 Overwrite Confirmation Missing when Publishing

Searched the forum and helps but did not find an answer so here goes...

In Presenter '09, when you republished a lesson that already existed, you were prompted with a warning before overwriting your existing material (you could optionally always overwrite).

Unless I turned off the overwrite warning when I first tried Studio '13, I never get warned and my previous work gets overwritten automatically.

Anyway to turn this back on? Was this overwrite warning ever a part of '13 and if not, why not?

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Jeff Schlaybach

Thanks for verifying, and this is the behavior that is different from '09 and should be restored ( as an option at the very least) as per my first post in this thread.

It should be treated as a "Save-as" with an option to not have it prompt as was the former behavior. I'll put in a feature request.