Presenter 13 - Relative Links to PDF Docs?

I’ve scoured the forums for an answer since I know this has been oft-asked and answered. However, all I could find were Storyline answers or old Presenter 09 answers, so…

Can I attach a relative hyperlink URL in Presenter 13 with PowerPoint 2010? If so, please detail it for me.

What about if I add the document as a 'Resource’ in Presenter but then don’t include a Resource tab in the Player? When I tried that Presenter did NOT create the ‘external_files’ subfolder, nor did it include the file in the output. (The course is set up with a single link near the end of the course to a PDF; the client does not want the document available throughout as a Resource.)

screenshot of course page


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bob!

I do believe it must be an absolute, not relative. We do have some documentation as it relates to web objects:

Relative URLs aren't supported for web objects. Be sure to use full (absolute) URLs when adding web objects to your content. If you need to use relative URLs, see this article for a possible, though unsupported, workaround.

If you feel that the resource option will work, please note that you can turn on the resources for specific slides, via slide properties, if that would fit your needs better, though I have not tested what you are asking.

Perhaps others in the community have a suggestion.

Bob Wiker

Enabling the Resource item on a single page is an interesting and potential solution. Maybe I'll put it on a never-used slide beyond the presentation's end in order to force Presenter to include the PDF resource when publishing. Or, I could rename 'Resources' to '<space>' in the Text Labels of the player, thereby hiding it from view.

The concept of bundling additional files as part of the publication is something Lectora allows, and would be handy in this case. (Lectora calls them 'Additional Files', added via the Title Properties dialog.)

Thx again.