Presenter 13: Screen readers


Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere..

Can someone explain how to configure Presenter output for a screen reader (typically JAWS)? 

In my session for every object on screen, inc text boxes, have put text in the alt-txt box in Powerpoint (2010) - my accessibility colleagues can't seem to get JAWS to recognise these.

Should I be pasting text into the Powerpoint notes field as well?

Hope someone can help

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simon!

How are you publishing your content? 

I wanted to share this previous post from Brian that was posted in this thread:

I just tested our output using Internet Explorer 11 and JAWS 15 and it reads the notes without any issues.  I've found that other browsers like Chrome don't work well with screen readers.  Thus, if you're using JAWS, stick with IE and you should be fine.

If you'd like to use other browsers, I'd recommend a screen reader called NVDA.  I found it to be more consistent and stable than JAWS in most environments.

Simon Fitzpatrick


I am publishing content to the Web. I've seen Brian's comments but I'm still not sure what the process is:

1. Do we provide alt text in Powerpoint via Object>size and Position>Alt text

2.. Do we add text into the Powerpoint Notes field?

I have several objects on each Powerpoint slide - for the images I have provided Alt Text; for the text boxes I have also provided the same content as Alt Text. I can tab through with the keyboard but I was expecting teh screen reader to 'speak the content of each object as well.

Assuming this is all correct I will check the IE/JAWS implementation but if anyone has some further clues it would be most appreciated.