Presenter 13 will not display Engage Interactions nor Quizmaker properly in Powerpoint

I am running 64-bit Windows 10, 32-bit Powerpoint 2013 (which has run Presenter '09 flawlessly). Now I am demo-ing Studio '13. I have completely removed all '09 components, and reloaded and repaired Studio 13 multiple times. I have checked for updates to Powerpoint and Articulate (both are up to date). I have tried other machines running Windows 8 and Powerpoint 2007. I have tried every suggestion posted here:

No matter how I go about this...whether I attempt to upgrade presentations from '09, or create new presentations from scratch using Engage Powerpoint ALWAYS looks like this below (screenshot left) in every view (sorter, notes, etc). Publishing and saving work fine, but the display in PP stays the same. All files are running locally on C drive.

Articulate Preview Slide displays correctly (screenshot right). I have used Presenter '09 for years with no issues and cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong. I have dozens of courses to upgrade and maintain so that they can be published in HTML5 for 2017.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Thanks for coming back in, Steven, with some advice for other users as far as what works for you.  That's what the community is all about!

I wanted to also drop a couple of bits related to your ideas, too.  First, here's an article about choosing your player features for Studio '13.  Regarding the glossary and other tabs in the player, you can rearrange those tabs in the player (like the upper right corner) by using the arrow keys at the bottom of the player tabs section:


Also, you had mentioned sending your Articulate Package to a shared file destination.  We always recommend working on your local hard drive (C:) to avoid any strange or dysfunctional behavior in your project.

Thanks so much for participating in the community!