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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nick and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

We don't have an official date for a Studio '13 SDK just yet, but I do know that one is currently in the works. 

We'll be sure to share additional information and details on how to get the SDK once we have official data on the release.

In the meantime, I recommend following us on these sites:

Those social pages are usually updated right away, when we have new information. I

'm sure we'll also update the forums, so stay tuned! :)

Have a great day!


Hi, I appreciate the response.

I am new to using as3 and would like to know from the SDK, what code should I assign to a button in flash to let me go to the next or previous slide from a movie swf inserted into a slide in ariculate presenter studio 13?

Where I can find an example applied?

I appreciate your guidance