Presenter 360 - Slide Converts to really large screen view

We had a WBT that was created in Presenter 13 - no issues. Then converted to Presenter 360 - on a few of the slides throughout the training, when the user selects the NEXT button, the screen view converts to really large font and pushes it off the screen (see attached) - but only displays for a few seconds, then moves onto the next slide. Any correction suggestions or workarounds?


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Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing that screenshot, Rebecca. I haven't come across this particular oddity yet, but I'm happy to help investigate with you! 

Did you publish the project for Web, LMS, or something else? Also, what browser(s) are your learners using to view the content?

Lastly, could you share your Articulate Package with me so I can try to replicate the behavior? I'll test it in a similar environment and let you know my findings!  

Dave Neuweiler

Hi Rebecca -- I saw from your screenshots that the resizing occurs in Quizmaker. By chance, do you have audio in the Quizmaker screen?

The reason I ask is that I ran into a similar issue in Quizmaker 360 (when embedded in Presenter), where if there was audio in the file, the screen would resize during the transition to the next screen.

In my case, the screen went smaller rather than larger. Support logged this as a possible software bug back in August.