Presenter 5.4 tools disappeared from PowerPoint Add-in toolbar

Apr 19, 2011

Hi All --

I have a problem I hope someone can help me solve:

For some time now, I've been using PowerPoint 2007 and Presenter 5.4 on Windows 7.  PowerPoint and Presenter were installed under Windows Vista, and I later upgraded to Windows 7.  Everything was working great.

... then I decided to upgrade to Office 2010 (with PowerPoint 2010).

When I opened PowerPoint 2010, the Articulate / Presenter tools for publishing, adding a Quiz (I also use Quizmaker) just disappeared from the tool bar.  My Camtasia tools are still there.  It used to be next to Camtasia, now it's gone.

So, I decided to uninstall Office 2010 and reinstall Office 2007.  Had no problems doing so.  I then tried to uninstall and reinstall Presenter 5.4.  Unfortunately, the Presenter tools *still* do not appear!

What happened, I wonder, and how can I fix this?

I open PowerPoint Options and select Add-Ins, select Manage COM Add-ins and press the Go... button.  A pop-up window appears and I can see "Presenter" in the list with a checked box next to it, seemingly indicating it's enabled.

I've tried starting PowerPoint with Run As Administrator, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can get Presenter 5.4 reinstalled and working again?  I'm in a bit of a panic!



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