Presenter 5 won't launch .exe file

Mar 09, 2011

Hello.  I published my file as a CD format, and a .exe file was created as normal.  However, I can't open it.  I double click on it and nothing happens.  Nothing loads.  I can only go to the .html file to open it.  Also, when I put these files on a CD, including the autorun txt file, the CD only launches the player.html file.  Why is this?  Why won't the artpresenter.exe file launch?

Also, when I run the html file from the CD, I keep getting Flash player error messages, saying it won't allow the operation to complete.  I try to go to settings, but then the browser freezes.  Then, I get a message saying Flash player crashed.  When other people at work try to play the CD on their computer, the menu page comes up, but when they click on the link to go to another part of the presentation, which used to work, it just freezes.  So many things going wrong and I don't know where to begin to try and fix them.

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