Presenter and Quiz getting stuck for users

Has anybody had issues of your Presenter presentation getting "stuck" on a slide for a user or during the embedded quiz?  We will have users take a the course successfully on a computer and  a second user take the exact same course on the same computer and have issues with the course freezing up.  Articulate support suggests checking our Flash settings, which we have done, it's just weird that the course works once and then fails the next time.

We are playing out of SumTotal LMS.

Thanks in advance for any ideas?

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Andrew Antonczak

And as we found the Artiuclate Mobile Player is not an option since reporting is needed. So this takes us back to the original problem where it appears that Articulate Presenter content is not supported in third party LMS mobile players. Also, the LMS provider canot produce a way to make it work. Looks like back to the drawing board in Captivate.  Re-development of 18 hours courseware. I see no other way given the rigid support issues on both ends. Very disspointing.

Deborah Munitz

Hah! I have been searching and searching for others experiencing the same issues I have been experiencing. I have open tickets with Justin for awhile now and I can't believe that no one on the Articulate end is putting 2 + 2 together. Going from Studio '09 to '13 has been a disaster for me. I use standard Presenter player templates with restricted navigation turned on.

I have html5 turned on and the Articulate mobile player off (we don't do TinCan yet). We use AICC.

We embed a quiz at the end of every lesson.

We have noticed problems with the Next button working. Sometimes you have to click it again and again.

We have noticed problems with the iPad (and it seems Firefox as well) send up the GetParam request which causes the client to completely wipe out stored data on the server.

We have noticed problems with the first question in a group of question (which we randomize) getting "stuck" where it shows an incorrect warning but the user hasn't selected an answer an is prevented from selecting an answer. It took a long time to notice the pattern with it generally relating to the first question in a group of questions but that is a pattern that is holding up and I just had another one reported today which is why I am back here.

The problem with the responsiveness of moving forward is across the board. The problems with the sending of blank data appears to be limited to mobile platforms and firefox. 

The problem with stuck quizzes appears to be related also to iPads and Firefox. We are doing a lot more testing with this.

Anyone running into these problems should be posting what browsers are causing it and what choices they are publishing with. Articulate is fast to blame the LMS but we have logs proving the problem with the dropped suspend data is definitely caused by the client.


Jan Need

I upgraded from (believe it or not) Articulate Studio 5 - if they called it
that back then. The courses ran for more than 10 years with little trouble.

We upgraded to 13 and published like you -restricted, include html5, no
articulate player app. We use SCORM 2.1. I had a lot of embedded quizzes in
a lot of real estate CE courses. The quizzes were part of the learning
experience. Obviously quite a bit of time and money have been invested by
my client.

We were planning to try to find out what the students were using- platform
and browser. But it probably will not be possible because we can't just
leave it with all the stuck students.

I am just removing all the quizzes from all the courses. We have no choice
because lots of students are taking these courses. If it can't be fixed we
are just getting rid of it.

Makes QM of little use.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jan!

Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty with this as well. I shared our supported viewing environments above if you would like to check with your users and if you need us to take a look, we could do that as well.

If you are publishing to an LMS, the best place to test to see if the issue lies within the course or the LMS is to utilize SCORM Cloud.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

Deborah Munitz

I did not say Firefox on an iPad. I said iPads AND Firefox.  I am seeing specific problems only on iPads, Androids and on Firefox running on PCs. The presenter portions seems to work but the quizzes at the end are getting errors. It has to be a suspend data error since once we hit the error, it can be recreated on any platform on resume.  

The documentation link you sent was to Storyline and not to Presenter or Quizmaker. I found this page: which says: 

Flash Player 10 or later, and one of the following browsers:

Windows: Internet Explorer 6 and later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome (latest version), Opera 9.5 and later
Mac: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
Linux: Firefox 1.x and later

Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
Mac: Safari 6.0.5 or later, Google Chrome (latest version)
Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 6 or later

My experience is that IE in compatibility mode works fine but so does IE 11 which runs HTML5. 

The big issue is that that iPads and iPhones running Safari wipe out the AICC suspend data on resume!! I have confirmed that for sure. For whatever reason the GetParam is not issued from the client on resume. TO ME THIS SEEMS LIKE A BUG. IT IS RECREATABLE. 

Android devices just run the whole thing but somehow cause an occasional data problem on the quizzes. As does FireFox on Windows.

On Window Firefox where Flash is supported and HTML5 is not supported. How can I tell which version actually runs??

My FireFox issue is similar to the iPad and Android issue in that a quiz question comes up and is immediately marked as incorrect and the use can't select anything and they can't restart the quiz.  While I see instances of this on a regular basis I haven't been able to create an environment where this can be absolutely recreated. Especially when you take advantage of randomized questions.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deborah,

We recommend it's use based on it being a standard in the industry for SCORM behavior and LMS use in general as it allows for AICC and Tin Can output. Our support engineers are also happy to work with you to conduct the testing in SCORM Cloud if you're having difficulty uploading it. 

Susan Stewart

First...I apologize for having post a related issue over here: 

I am linking back to this conversation to contribute to documentation of this ongoing issue.

I have a question from you all.  My articulate support person suggested that this is specific to quizzes with audio feedback.  Do you all have audio feedback in the quizzes where folks are getting stuck? 


joe smith

Hey Folks, 

I've been down this same road as you and feel your pain.  To deal with the problem I just ended up removing the embedded quizzes from the presentations and made the quizzes stand-alone quizzes instead.  Not ideal, but problem solved! 

The problems with embedded quizzes all started after upgrading to Articulate Studio '13.  I should have just stuck with the '09 version. 

Good luck to you all!