Presenter and Quizmaker 13 not working with ppt 2010

Just installed Presenter and Quizmaker 13.  We use ppt 2010.  Now I can't open ppt anymore.  When I open Presenter 13 and click the Quizmaker icon on the Articulate ribbon it hands and I get error (see details below).

1.      Next, opened Articulate Presenter 13.

a.      It prompts me to open ppt

b.      I opened a 2010 ppt

c.      Clicked Articulate tab

d.      Clicked Quizmaker icon

e.      Window opened that states the file was created in an older version of Articulate.  Do you want to backup.  I clicked Yes.

f.       Get verification window.  Clicked Yes.

g.      Now I click Quizmaker icon again.

h.      It hangs.   I go into Task Manager and see Error: Articulate Presenter Authoring is Not Responding (what is Presenter Authoring?).

2.      Then I tried to open just Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and it hangs.  When I go into Task Manager it’s not even listed under Applications/Tasks.  To shut it down I have to go to the Processes tab and end the ppt executable.







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