Presenter/AO Incorrectly Reporting Completion

May 04, 2012

I have a 114 slide Presenter’09 running in Articulate Online. When I publish to AO, I set Reporting & Tracking options Reporting = Completed/Incomplete and track using # of slides viewed as equal to the total number of slides in the presentation – my students only need to view all the slides in the order presented .

When I have viewed all the slides, last slide states, at the bottom of display, “Presentation Complete” – at the same time AO (incorrectly) reports incomplete since only 113 out of 114 slides have been viewed.

For what it’s worth, when I delete all slides except last 3, AO (correctly) reports Completed after the 3rd slide is displayed.

Navigation is set to restricted and all slides require user to click the advance slide button (no auto slide advance is used).

Why does AO (incorrectly) report 113 out of 114 slides viewed when I know all 114 have been viewed. I suspect when AO correctly reports 114 viewed, AO will report status = Completed.

BTW, I am posting as an AO issue as well since I don't know the causative agent.

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