Presenter, Bad Image Quality

Aug 05, 2013

Hi All,

I made a smart art that I want to animate as one object in Articulate, but the only way it seems I can do that, is to save it as an image.

This is a huge image, as it rotates so other pieces come onto the slide.

When you preview in ppt, it works just fine, but in Articulate, the image has a very low quality.

Please Help!

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Christopher Davis

Jordan Rash said:

It appears that all images are low quality when in presenter.

This does seem to be the problem. Does anyone know a fix or reason why?

EDIT: I found a fix by grouping all the circles instead of saving them as an image.

Does anyone know how to make an image have better quality in articulate, though?

Christopher Davis

Never mind about my solution.

It worked the first time I tried it, but than Articulate stretched the image out and moved it outside the screen when I preview, every time I try to view it.

The only time it did work, it filled in all the spots inside o's, e's, a's, A's and other letters that could be filled in.

Articulate is making this very annoying to work with.

It also kills any bit of quality in my images.  The images look great in ppt, but in presenter, where the dimensions are the exact same as the ppt slide, it kills the image quality.

Jordan Rash

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Christopher,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your images. Have you viewed this article which offers some suggestions for how to improve image quality? 

You can also check what the settings are within the Presentation options in regards to Quality described in this article

I've tried everything in those articles, and all my pictures remained low quality, regardless of size, picture type or Articulate's settings. The only thing that seemed to work was setting the re-size factor to 4, but that only worked for smaller images.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jordan,

Sorry to hear you've having the same problem. You mentioned that all your images remained low quality, have you tried a vector image (instead of a raster image)? Vector images are able to shrink and enlarge all you would like, as it scales. So if you're using "presentation at optimal size" or to "fill browser window" and a raster image, all those may lose quality as they get enlarged. Were you able to follow the directions within the blog post mentioned in the article to make an image a screenshot and lock the sizing? 

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