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Aug 08, 2016

I'm using the Bulletin Board (BB) engage and want the learner to be able to click from the previous slide directly to the bulletin board engage and see all the notes pinned to the BB before opening one.   However, it seems that when the user clicks from the previous slide to the BB slide, you see all notes but only for a second before the first one opens up automatically.  How can I prevent that so that the user can see all notes and choose the first one they want to open?



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Sheri Schaffer

Thanks Leslie!  I want the bulletin board engage to open up and show all post-its hanging on the bulletin board so that the user can choose which one to open first.   The way it's set up right now is that when a user moves to that slide (the engage) from the previous slide, it automatically opens up one of the post-it note to read.  I just want the user to be able to see all of the post-its and choose one - not have one open up for them.  Does that make sense?   I can include my file but it's very large but I have a screen shot of what I'm trying to relay.

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