Presenter file size much larger than ppt size This is so because?

Hi all, this is a potentially 'duh' question, but my powerpoint file size is about 20MB large, but when I publish it to CD, the file size is around 100MB. Any ideas or reasons why? I need to publish to CD to allow staff working in very poor bandwidth connectivity to be able to download the presentation to their computers and run from there, rather than stream them. So, keeping file size low is critical.

I also publish at highest quality to preserve the picture and audio quality.

Thanks for any advice,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nathan!

You could try adjusting those publish settings to help reduce your file size.

When you publish a presentation with Articulate Presenter '09, each element of a slide is included in a .SWF file. If you build a presentation that contains a common element or background image on each slide without using master slides, that same element would need to be downloaded multiple times throughout the presentation. However, if that element is included in a master slide, it will only need to be downloaded once. 

For information on how to create a master slide and apply it to your presentation, please take a look at this KB article.