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We have had several programs up and running on our website for the better part of nine months.  We recently noticed an issue on the last two slides. We corrected those slides and republished the programs, all five, and reposted them on our site.  Now one of the programs is freezing on slide 6, it will not allow the user to continue after the audio is done playing.

I have tried republishing this program, it even does this in the presentation preview. 


The most recent correction made to each program was to lock the last two slides, they are web objects that lead the user to a program to enter information to receive a certificate.

This is not the only time we have made corrections to all the programs, about three months ago we had to republish do to a change in web address for the certificate program.

This is the first time this issue has happened.

The audio is just under 12 minutes long.

No changes have been made to this slide or audio since the first publish.

This issues has presented it self in IE10, IE8, Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers were not tested.

Published the presentation with automatic advance selected and it still does not pass the sixth slide.

The program is located here:

 Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan,

Since it's only one file, I'd be curious if you could also test it in SCORM Cloud to see if the freezing behavior continues there (just to rule out the LMS itself). Also, you'll want to make sure that the file you updated was changed while working on your local drive, or the file may have become corrupt. If it is, in fact, and issue with corruption, it may help to follow the steps in the following article: Here's how to fix a corrupt PowerPoint file

If you're still experiencing difficulty after testing it in SCORM Cloud and ensuring that the file did not become corrupt, can you package your Presenter files and share them with us here or on the second page of this link? 

Dan Austin

This is run through the web not an LMS.  After following the instructions to fix a corrupt PowerPoint file the slide now does not even complete, it stops at 8:53. 

Have tried several times to upload the articulate package, each attempt has failed stating a server error. 

Any other suggestions?  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan,

Can you try to upload it here?  Interesting that the time stops at 8:53, as that's the exact time for a Flash file (Flash supports a maximum of 16,000 frames.  At 30 frames per second (which is the default setting in Articulate software), that translates to 8 minutes and 53 seconds.). Is there a Flash file on that slide which could be tripping it up? In Presenter 13 you're unable to change the frame rate, although you used to be able to do so in Presenter 09. Are these upgraded files from Presenter 09?