Presenter freezing while recording

Hi There,

I am using Presenter 09 and I have noticed while I am recording every now and then the screen appears to freeze (the microphone stops flashing and the time stops counting up) and as a result I am losing a few seconds of audio. The mouse also freezes every now and then while using presenter 09 but I do not have any problems with other programs I use.

The laptop I am using is relatively new and has Windows 7 64bit and Microsoft Office 2007. Does anyone happen to know why this is happening?


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Danielle and welcome to Heroes! What I would suggest doing is the following:

1. Make sure your PowerPoint file is located on your C: drive.

2. Run Windows Update to make sure you have the latest updates for your computer.

3. Try recording with a different microphone if available. For example, if your laptop has a built in mic, try that and see if you can duplicate. If you can't, that would indicate you have a hardware issue and may need to replace the mic.

4. Make sure you are not running intensive applications in the background while you are recording.

5. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus application.

6. If none of the above resolve your issue, try the steps outlined here:

If you still have difficulty after that, please submit a case:

Francois van der Bank

Hi Danielle

I have the exact same issue as you, except that I use Windows7 32bit and Microsoft Office 2010. I have tried all the recommended solutions, but without any success. Strangely enough, the only time the Articulate recording does not freeze at internals (i.e. the microphone stops flashing and the time stops counting up) is when I start the Articulate recording when another software programme (Camtasia) is already recording - this I noticed when I tried to make a recording of the issue for Articulate support.

Did you manage to resolve the problem and how?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Francois and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I cannot see where Danielle ever submitted a support case for her issue, so I cannot answer to her solution.  If you have tried the recommended solutions, then I would advise that you package your course and submit it to us so that support can assist you.