Presenter is asking for a quiz to be completed?

Hi, I am trying to create a course where the business area can select which building they work within to get their specific fire evacuation process.

This was all working fine until I added a new building and now I keep getting a message to complete a quiz before proceeding which they shouldnt have to do as with the other buildings.  Also, I have found that 1 of my hyperlinks has stopped working...... It takes you to the blank slide as expected, but doesnt move into the information even though the slide properties are on automatic.

The buildings of issue are the Aztec house and Bath Street buildings.

Can anybody advise as to how I can get around these issues?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there. Sounds like one of your quizzes is set up to require users to pass before they can view any slides after the quiz. You would need to either move your newly added content to a place before the quiz, or change the quiz properties so that learners don't have to pass the quiz before viewing later slides. To change the quiz properties, open your course in PowerPoint, go to the quiz placeholder slide, and check the properties area at the bottom. See what the value is for "User may view slides after quiz." If it's set to "After passing quiz," just click in the Properties area and you'll be able to change it to "Any time" or "After attempting quiz."

hitz mistry


Thanks for the response.  I have checked the other assessments that are within the same course and they all have the same atributes where by they need to pass the quiz before continuing.

This has worked for all other areas but has created the issue with this new content being placed after what was previously there?