Presenter locking up during publishing...

We have a file that while publishing it will lock up when "digesting" SMART-ART.

We force quit the program and when we re-open the file, Articulate has inserted a blank page

immediately following the page with the SMART-ART hang-up!?

In the view options panel on the right side of the screen now says "duplication filler".

Has anyone encountered this before?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Troy!

Are you storing and publishing your presentation to a local drive? Sometimes that can cause behavior to be erratic. Have a look at this article and see if it resolves your issue:

If not, please feel free to Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us so our engineers can take a closer look. You can do that here:


Ron Price


I personally do not like the way Smart Art often converts.  I have noticed little weird things that are not consistent.Often, if I find that a Smart Art fits what I need, I use PPT to build the smart art, then I just copy and paste it back in as a PNG using Paste Special. After that I do not have any issues.

You can use selection pane to hide the original, so that it is there if you ever need to edit the art.

Hope that helps.