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I have a series of courses created in Articulate Presenter '09 that originally were to be published for a laptop, but now the client is switching to iPads. In talking to Articulate support, they offered three possible solutions to accomplish this.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Have you successfully launched Presenter courses on an iPad?  The courses I've developed use a lot of interactions and each ends with a quiz.

HTML5 player:

iSWiFTER browser app for iPad:

Rover browser app for iPad:



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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Ann, I've got little experience with playing Present on an iPad but I have done some tests this year. The last two options, so called flash enable internet browsers, always seem a bit wonky in my experience. Looking at the HTML player James created (nice work by the way) it seems to support static content but I guess you would need to try it out for real to see if it works.

Have you thought of downloading the 30 day trial for Storyline and importing your projects and publishing for iPad? Presenter'13 will most likely do the publishing to iPad too but that will probably be somewhere around Q3 (not sure about Articulate's timeline here)

Ann Becker

Hi and thanks for your responses.  I did download the Storyline 30-day trial and converted a couple of courses to the HTML5 format for the iPad. I found that it wasn't a 100% smooth process. A few slides I had to move some text or graphics around. I had to redo any Engage Interactions.  Quizzes were fine. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I a series of slides I had set up with an "A" and "B" choice that I used links withint PowerPoint came over fine.

The trickiest issue was some of the audio was not properly synced. I felt that syncing in Storyline was tedious and that syncing in Articulate is a piece of cake.

Of course once you do that, the course is now a Storyline course, not an Articulate course. You can't have it both ways.

Peter Hers


I simply said the following:

Those of you using an iPad may know that Apple Inc decided sometime back that they will NOT support Adobe Flash.   But don’t feel left out:  All you need to do is download and install Rover – The Browser for Education from the App Store.  It’s free, and may be useful to you in future.

I then gave them a link to a folder on my personal website where I had uploaded the web output from Presenter.

The only problem I picked up was that on some users' machines the launcher process appeared not to start immediately, so they clicked on the Launch button, resulting in two instances running simultaneously, and two sound tracks running simultaneously but out of sync.