Presenter panel : how many presenters can be added

Aug 17, 2012

Good morning!

Is it possible to add more than one presenter in the presenter panel?



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Steve Gannon

Hi Julie,

You can only have one Presenter panel but you could theoretically import a thumbnail image of two presenters as the presenter photo and enter two names and titles.

If you instead want just a single presenter but have that presenter's info (photo, name, title, bio, and email) change from slide to slide, yes, you can do that. Create your presenters using Presentation Option. Next, use Slide Properties to specify which presenter goes on which slide. Then, when you're about to publish, select the "(Use slide level presenters)" option in the Presenter drop-down of the Publish dialog.

Hope that helps...

- Steve Gannon

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Julie,

Steve beat me to it. I was about to reply. Confirming what he said; adding a bit more info.

Jeanette has a tutorial: Adding a Presenter panel.

And, this info is copied pasted from the Articulate documentation. Same as what Steve said, just a bit more detail.

Use the Presenters section of Presentation Options to add, edit, or delete presenters, as well as to
make a particular presenter the default for your presentations.
To manage Presenters:
1. Select Articulate –> Presentation Options to launch the Presentation Options dialog.
2. Click the Presenters option from the left-hand menu:
3. Use the Add, Edit, Delete, or Make Default buttons:

  • Add: Click the Add button to add a new presenter to your library of presenters. See below for specifics on inputting presenter’s details.
  • Edit: Highlight an existing presenter’s name and click the Edit button to edit the selected presenter. See below for specifics on editing presenter’s details.
  • Delete: Highlight a presenter’s name in your list and click the Delete button to delete the selected presenter. You will be asked to confirm your choice.
  • Make Default: Highlight a presenter’s name in your list and click the Make default button to make the selected presenter the default choice.

To configure the presenter details:
1. Click Add or Edit to open the presenter detail dialog:
2. Input the desired details for each field (note that leaving a field blank will cause that field not to
display when you preview or publish your presentation):

  • Name: The First and Last names of the presenter.
  • Title: The Title of the presenter (e.g., Vice President).
  • Email: The email address of the presenter.
  • Presenter Bio: A short bio of the presenter.
  • Photo: A photo of the presenter. Click Browse to add or edit a photo. Supported
  • image formats include .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, and ..EMF. The optimal image size is 73×85
  • pixels.
  • Image Options: If your photo is not exactly 73×85 pixels, you have two options:
  • Maintain aspect ratio: Select this option to maintain the dimensions of your
  • photo.
  • Stretch to fit: Select this option if you would like your photo to stretch to fit the
  • entire width of the photo area in the player.

Tip: The presenter entries will establish the presenters used when you publish. You can always add a
new presenter when you publish a specific presentation. You can also assign a different presenter to
each slide of your presentation via Slide Properties:Access by Articulate >Slide Properties

Presenter: This is the presenter you would like associated with the selected slide. To choose from available presenters, click on the field and select from the drop-down menu your desired presenter’s name.

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