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I'd like the learner to have the option of viewing the menu or notes when they want/need to. Is there anyway that it can be collapsed as the default view but that they can still  be accessed only if and when the learner needs to look at it?

Or alternatively, is there any way to put them on the TOP LEFT? Not sure why I can't access the Top Left feature in the player.

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Brian Allen

Hello Vivi,

While there is no functionality that allows a learner to hide/show the menu in the sidebar, you can add it as a tab either on the left or on the right.

It could definitely be a little more intuitive, but in your player settings you'll see a couple of up/down arrows.  If you select the menu, then click the up arrow you can move it to topbar left.

Here's a link to a great tutorial on this functionality,

And here's a screenshot that should help -