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HI there,

I have a problem with publishing. Firstly, some background - the ppt was orginally developed in office 2010 using articulate trial on my personal laptop. My workplace then bought a laptop and articulate (windows XP and office 2003!- health department policy) so saved the ppt as a 2003 and transferred over to health department laptop. Everything was going fine until I publish (checked engage and quiz etc and all o.k). the publishing begins and goes through the process, then just closes automatically- empty folder is created and I end up with a couple of new slides at the end of the presentation. The slides  that are duplicated (image only)are of an animation sequence developed in ppt (works on health department laptop when viewed in ppt show). I have also discovered that when I preview the slides in articulate all other slides work correctly some other animations as well but this certain animation sequence does not (the player loads and then in the window is "the program cannot display the webpage"). Obviously the animation is corrupt or something, but works in ppt show.

Many thanks for any help or ideas.


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Brian Batt

Hi Samantha & welcome to Heroes,

If you are publishing and the publishing wizard becomes unresponsive please review the following article which outlines suggestions to resolve your issue: 

If you have Avast antivirus installed, the publishing process may not complete. For more details on this issue, please see:

If you continue to have issues, please let me know.