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I'm working on different projects using Articulate studio 09, and i'm facing regulary to a problem of audio.

My sound are imported into the project.

After recording the project and reopening it, it happends that 

  • audio and animations are totally desynchronized in the audio editor,
  • or the sound shows for a slide doesn't corresponds to the one inserted previously,
  • or sound disapers totally of the audio editor.

A preview or a publication sometimes produces a version corresponding to what was done earlier, sometimes produces desynchronized content.

Opening the project on another computer, with another version of Articulate, sometimes fixes thoses issues sometimes it fixes the first issue and produces on of the others.

This issue is very annoying, because in a large amount of cases we have no other solution that re-importing the good sound and/or restarting the synchronization, this is a huge waste of time.

Do you have any solution that could help to avoid this problem ?

Configurations used :

Windows XP and PPT 2010

Windows XP and PPT 2007

Windows 7 and PPT2007

Windows 7 and PPT 2010.

sounds imported are wav.

The project is saved on a non-local drive (mutliple users are working on thoses projects), but the issue happends even if we save a copy locally.

Hope you can find a solution, and sorry for my english, I hope I made myself understood...

Thank you in advance for your responses. 

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Baptiste!

The first thing I'd recommend, is to run through this article, which touches on several common troubleshooters for unexpected behavior, including the importance of working on your local (C drive. If you continue to experience issues after that, please feel free to submit a case to our support team. Thanks!