Presenter Studio 13 and Canvas

Hello I speak in Spanish. my english is not good but i will try to explain myself

we publish the courses we point them to web use and not LMS, (Presenter Studio 13) I need to upload it to canvas, but it is not published in LMS so it does not load in scorm

Can anyone tell me why some material will work and some loads the skin but goes no further?

Why can we not see anything in other browsers (only Firefox)?

Why does the resources and exit buttons not work in html5 launcher?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this (and replying!),

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Katie Riggio

Hola letto,

I think your post is very clear! 😊

It sounds like the HTML5 output from Presenter '13 isn't working correctly, specifically:

  • The SCORM specification won't upload to the Canvas LMS.
  • The content appears blank in every browser except Firefox.
  • The resources and Exit buttons do not work.

The best way to find the cause of these issues is to see how the course works in SCORM Cloud, a free LMS testing tool, and we can help test it!

Are you comfortable with sharing one of the Articulate Package zip files? Here's how to create one, and here's where to share it privately with our Support team.

We'll review it there and let you know how it goes!

letto leiva

thanks for your kindness and answer
Your help would be great. Give me a day to update and send it to you published in articulate 360 ​​instead of Studio 13. and I will send you my project to guide me and help decide if it is better to publish on the web or in LMS; in Presenter or in Storyline,... "for canvas". You can't imagine how grateful I will be for your comments and guidance. you are amazing!!!!

we'll keep in touch. Thank you