Presenter Studio13 fuzzy text on Notes page

I am still having issues with the quality of the font on the notes pages of my presentations. See example

Flash is and Studio version 5.1415.920

I seem to recall this was fixed back in update 3 but I still experience it no matter what font or size is selected it is still fuzzy.

Any ideas


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Alexander Muehlenkord

I have not seen a solution yet, besides locking the player size. Unfortunately for some learners it means they have scroll to see the entire player in their browser depending on their screen resolution setup since the auto-fit feature will be disabled. 

On a similar issue we still have a hard time accepting that a logo that looked great in Articulate Presenter 09 looks really blurry when published with Presenter 13. The suggested solution here is to keep it between a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 220 pixels to avoid the re-sizing process that makes it blurry. Sometimes that is a real bummer because it sometimes make a logo or wordmark hardly legible if it has to be packed into those dimensions. 

Alexander Muehlenkord

Sorry Jon, don't mean to hijack your post. I just had a logo re-sized to fir the parameters suggested by Articulate but the after publishing it is is still blurry and not like the original at all. And we are also using version five. So fonts and and logo are still issues for a lot of us. Thanks!

ybncaozx pwrby

Hi All,

As a workaround, I wanted to share my process: Convert the Glossary tab to a Notes tab and use the glossary format to hold your notes (You can change the text associated with each element of the glossary/menu structure using the settings in the player menu).

For instance, I created a structure where instead of "Terms" I have "Sections" and instead of "Definitions" I have "Section Notes". The glossary tab exports to vector and text is crisp. The only caveat is in molding your notes content to the glossary format.