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Brian Batt

Hi Sam,

Have you changed the character set of your presentation?

Open your presentation in PowerPoint.

Navigate to Articulate > Presentation Options.

Select the Publish tab.

Select either Western or Non-Western from the Choose character set for the Articulate player drop-down list.

Click the OK button

If you continue to have issues, please follow all of the recommendations in the link below:


If you still have issues, you may need to change the character encoding in the player.html file.  You can do this by opening the player.html file in Notepad and updated or appending the character encoding (or charset).

Sam Carter

Thanks Brian.  Yes, I've followed all the instructions in the article you mention.  The course publishes well in all aspects, as long as I use Ariel Unicode.  I have found other threads that indicate the same, so there may be some problem with MS Gothic and MS Mincho fonts which also support Japanese and display well in both PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. (snapshot follows).

So the course Outline is Japanese, as well as all the course template controls, e.g., EXIT and seek bar.  The content looks good.  The Engage Interactions with either Articulate font or Ariel Unicode display very well.  BUT, (here it comes), when these interactions are added as TABS to the course, the TABS themselves do not import correctly (with either Articulate or Ariel Unicode).  Attempts to RENAME the tabs fail using CUT/PASTE of any of the three fonts (Ariel Unicode/MS Gothic/MS Mincho).  Have you tried this?  

Here's what I get:

And it renders the same:

These images are of Engage using Ariel Unicode.

It seems that the TAB names in Presenter support only Western?  I can't be the first person to observe this so I hope I am missing something!


Brian Batt

Hi Greg,

You probably need to change the character encoding in the player.html file.  Would you mind zipping your published output & upload it to me here?


In the subject, put Attention Brian Batt and the file will come straight to me.  I should be able to figure out what needs to be added.