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Oct 29, 2013


I am new at articulate presenter and i'm trying to create my own template player.

i already got a .fla file with all the interactions i want.

My question is: How can i use this file into my articulate presentations? Do i need to convert this .fla file into a .xml file or is there any other road to take?

Thanks in advance.

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gustavu caliani

Hi Ashley and thenks for your response,

I need to add a new look to my template player, change the skin, the buttons position, some extra interactions i want to add.

I've done that on a flash software and i have this document on a .fla extension

This is an example of how i want to change my template (not exactly like this tho)

I tried to upload my .fla file into articulate but couldn't do much. These are the steps i followed to try to get the new template into articulate.

  I would like to know if that is possible to do on articulate presenter 09.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gustavu,

My apologies - I thought you were on Presenter 13 and the link I shared was specific to that, so first, here is the link for the customizations you can make within the Presenter 09 player. You'll see #3 refers to how to create your own player templates using the base we've provided and it will be saved as an .xml file. 

In regards to creating your own skin, I wanted to point you to this blog post on how to create one, and it'll need to be done using the Articulate Presenter SDK which is not something I'm equipped to support. 

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