Presenter trial version crashes PowerPoint every time

I hope someone can help - I can't even get started in Presenter! I have installed the trial version of Presenter, and each time I try to Launch PowerPoint using presenter, the program encounters a problem are is forced to close. Likewise, I cannot open PowerPoint from a presentation I created months ago. I have reinstalled the trial version and I continue to experience the same problem. Can anyone help???


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Peter Anderson

Hi John, and welcome to Heroes!

Sorry to har about the trouble you're having. I see you've already created a case as well. Can you pass along any specific error messages you're receiving when PowerPoint crashes? 

Also, please be sure that your presentations, quizzes, interactions, and audio / video resources are located on your local hard drive (this is typically your C: drive).  Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior.

Any specific information would be very helpful for us to help you troubleshoot. Thanks for your patience!