Presenter Video doesn't show with iPad (Articulate app)

Mar 03, 2015

Hi there!

We published our courses and provide the link presentation.html in our Moodle system.

When we open it with iPad, It will open it through Articulate app, Bring the presentation but without the Presenter Videos.
Why? How to fix this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alta, 

Is it only on the iPad that the videos aren't played? If the videos won't play everywhere, there are some known reasons why here.  

If you're only not seeing them in the iPad app - how did you add them to the course? What type of video files? For example, Youtube videos won't work as described here. 


Alta Tahir

Dear Ashley

It is not showing on iPad only.

The videos are recorded with Articulate replay and added through Articulate presenter as presenter videos. The format for the Videos are .mp4.

If you open the presentation_html5.html file everything is fine and videos are showing. When you want to watch the same published articulate file through iPad and Articulate App, It doesn't show the presenter video.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alta,

Thanks for confirming - presenter panel videos are supported in the HTML5 output and the mobile player as you'll see here, but I do see an issue recently reported to our team that the video itself isn't playing when viewed in  iOS 8.1.3 although you can hear the audio. Is that the set up and behavior you're experiencing? 

Alta Tahir

Hi Ashley

In our case with the iPad, Everything is working except the presenter video.

We can hear the presenter Audio (which is coming from the video) + see the presentation but the video is not showing on the top left corner.

Also I realize, time to time Articulate Presenter publishes faulty presentation_html5.html file only. Everything is working except the mentioned file. We try to track the problem through .html code but couldn't find any difference with the correct once.

To tell you the truth we are  facing lots of unexpected errors with Articulate products (Presenter, Reply).

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