Presenter with Microsoft's Yahei Chinese font?

Hi, is there any trick to getting Presenter work with Microsoft's YaHei Chinese font?

Things seem to work OK with Arial Unicode, SimSun, and SimHei, but the client has requested Microsoft YaHei (a nicer looking typeface). YaHei displays fine in PowerPoint, but is just garbage when previewed/published.

PowerPoint 2010 on WinXP

Presentation options > Character set = Non-Western

Regional and Language Settings > Regional Options > Standards and Formats = Chinese PRC



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Hi Dave,

I worked on several Asian language courses-both Japanese and Chinese.  I had the same issue you described.  The way I got around it was to change the language preferences both in PowerPoint and through the Control Panel, Clock, Region and Language preferences. If I changed the language preferences in both locations, it worked just fine. 

I hope this helps!

Dave Bruns

Hi Montse,

Thanks for this tip. I tried setting language preferences inside PowerPoint at Tools > Options > Language > Choose Editing Language, but I don't seem to be able to get YahHei to publish or preview correctly. Attached screen shows what I see (when previewed).

If you (or others) have any other ideas, please let me know. I can relay the info that YaHei isn't supported by Articulate, but I'd rather get it working since it's a nicer option.



I dealt with that issue many times-looks very familiar!

Try changing your system language to Chinese via Control Panel (assuming you're working on a Windows machine).  Next, select the text in the Yahei box and re-apply the font.  That should do it.

If that doesn't work, Articulate support can help you.  They are very helpful and have always come through for me when I'm in a jam.

Peter Anderson

Hey Dave!

Wanted to know if the suggested solution resolved the issue for you:

On your Windows XP, you may want to delete the Microsoft Yahei font from the font list. Reboot your machine and then download a new copy of the font. Make sure that you reboot your system after installation. Then open your PowerPoint file and republish it. Make sure that you clear your browser's cache before testing your newly published file. 

Clear browser cache 

Dave Bruns

Hi Peter, Justin,

I wasn't able to get YaHei to work on XP after trying the suggestions above. Separately, Cleo sent me an email after testing YaHei on a Win 7 system, saying it seemed to work fine. I decided to move over to Win 7 + Office 2010. With that combination, YaHei and other Chinese fonts worked, even without setting language or regional settings.

So, unresolved in Win XP, resolved in Win 7. It's OK for me - it was time to move on anyway!

Thanks for your help.