Presenter with QM or QMs embedded

Using Presenter & QuizMaker since start of this year and now looking to integrate QuizMaker with my Presenter/PowerPoint.

I am thinking I would like to insert a series of 1 or 2 question Quizzes, mostly to emulate student/teacher interaction,  within Presenter with an overall (and comprehensive) Quiz at the end that each student must pass but is allowed to take as long as wanted to get a passing grade. The Quiz at end of Presenter is embedded in Presenter but, for all intents and purposes, standalone in that the final Quiz is the only 1 to be graded.

I am believing grading is not necessary on the 1 or 2 question Quizzes but most definitely on the final Quiz.

I have the Presenter PowerPoint done, have done several multiple choice QuizMaker quizzes and have add a few quizzes but am overwhelmed with options and would feel better getting something to work that can be used followed by the slickification phase. My plan is that the initial deployment will be closer to the plain-and-simple end of the spectrum rather than after the grand-slickification initiative.

Where do I start?

Should I embed multiple QMs in Presenter/PowerPoint or can I place 1 QM and specify which quiz questions at what locations in the Presenter.

There are so many tutorials and other documentation, I would love to save some time by cutting down on my discovery time.

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