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I use PowerPoint 2016 (Office365). The course was developed in Presenter
'13 and the Quiz in Quizmaker '13. The Quiz was originally inserted as the
last slide of the course. I imported the sound track for each slide
individually then synced the animations to the sound. This is the way I
build all my courses and have had no issues until I upgraded the file to
Articulate360. Once upgraded, the sound on the Quiz slide quit working on
all devices. I have published it to an LMS (not Articulate Online) and to
my website for testing. It would not work on an iPad Air, Samsung S5 phone,
Surface Pro 2 tablet or my PC. I removed the quiz then brought it back in
followed by importing the sound again. This did not work. I have tried a
different sound track; it did not work. I added another quiz behind (next
slide) this quiz and added sound, it did not work. It will not work when
previewing or after it has been published.

I tested this on another Presenter '13 file with a Quizmaker '13 quiz
inserted as a slide. It did not work with this file. This file also had an
Engage '13 file brought in as a slide and the sound did not work on it.

Please let me know if you need any other information.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

This may seem like a silly question, but from your description I'm unclear - 

Are you adding the sound to the Quizmaker placeholder slide within Presenter or natively within the Quizmaker set up? The former doesn't work for me in Studio '13 - although I can add sound to the placeholder slide I can't actually get it to play. 

If you've got a Presenter package to share that was within Studio '13 (or even Studio 360) that would really help ensure I'm testing the same as you described. Also, I know if another discussion you mentioned having a case with our Support Engineers as well - if that's also connected to this issue please let me know and I can follow along in their work to ensure we're not duplicating efforts here! 


Ashley, I created the original course sometime back in Presenter ’13 and a quiz for the course was created in Quizmaker ’13. While in Quizmaker ’13, I published the quiz to a slide in Presenter ’13. Then, within Presenter ’13, I imported an mp3 file. Never had an issue.

Now that I am testing Articulate 360, I have updated the Presenter file to the Articulate360 Presenter version. Afterwards, when I previewed the quiz slide or published the course, the sound did not work on the quiz. I then opened Quizmaker 360 and updated the quiz file and reimported it into the Presenter 360 file followed by re-importing the mp3 file. It still did not work and that’s when I packaged it up and sent it to you guys. FYI, I have tried a couple of other courses and the same thing happens, the sound does not work on the Quiz or Engage interactions.

I just received an email Gren (Articulate Support), it’s unfortunate that I am not able to publish using the format HTML5/Flash (with Flash fallback). They are suggesting to use Flash/HTML5 (Flash with HTML5 fallback). And, Gren said a better option would be to insert the audio into the Quiz/Engage interaction itself. As always, thank you for the great support.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Thanks for coming back around here and I'm glad you were able to get confirmation from Gren too. The Studio 360 set up will actually show you the Preview in HTML5, so likely why you're seeing the issue now. One of my developers also confirmed that the HTML5 of Studio '13 didn't suport audio in the quiz slide within Presenter - so using Gren's suggestion of adding it to the slide in Quizmaker is also what I'd suggest. 

angela casey

When using Articulate Presenter within Articulate 360, if I have a single audio file to play across all of my slides (using the sliders in the timeline to correctly synch slides and animation with the audio), how and when should I add quizmaker learning challenge throughout the presentation. For example:

  1. Should I synch the main audio file with the slides, and then add quizmaker slides that have the quiz audio inserted into them. OR
  2. Should I add the quizmaker slides that have the quiz audio inserted into them into the slides, and then synch the main audio with the slides. OR
  3. Should the quizmaker audio be added within the articulate presenter as multiple files rather than within quizmaker.

Thank you,