Presenter9 MS2010 pptx text is GOOD. But whenpublishd txt = HUGE!

BACKGROUND: We use Articulate Suite 9, and just switched from MS 2007 to MS 2010.  We use our standard themes and potx template files.  We've had no problem with the PPTX publishing to Articulate with MS2007.

THE PROBLEM:  Now with MS 2010, with the same theme files, although the body text in the visual content area of the pptx looks great, when we publish to Articulate Presenter, the body text publishes MUCH larger than what it looks like in pptx and is bolded!.  A partial work around is to manually select every text on the screen and make it bold, then make it un-bold.  Then publish.  That time consuming work around seems to help some.  It is happening in the text in the Smart Art too!

Please advise!

Dave Varga

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david varga

Hi Terry,

This link is to a discussion about Storyline, we do have Storyline, but my question in this topic is about a project (projects) that we are using Presenter 9. 

Are you saying the find and replace is the answer to the difference between pptx display and published Presenter display?  Just want to be clear...