Preview/Publish Mismatch


I have created my powerpoint presentation using master slides. When I preview my slide I can see all components in place.. its all perfect as per expectations. Please see:

However, when I publish my course some components/properties are missing. Please see:

This has never happened before and I am at my wits end trying to figure out whats going wrong. I tried to search through the threads but couldnt find anything relevant. Any help, references, pointers will be much appreciated.



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Ron Price

Hey Sid,

How are you viewing your Published course?  Locally? or from your LMS? 

The Slide Master in PPT actually becomes a separate SWF video that runs layered behind the Slide SWFs.  I have experienced an issue before with slow connection speeds, where that Slide Master Video does not load initially, but appears after I refresh.  It usually only happens when it is pretty rich background though.