Previoius Videos Still Unpacking in Presenter '13


I am reusing a template several times and replacing a video within a slide.  When I replace the video, Presenter indicates that it is unpacking the video that I thought I just deleted.  I tried taking the whole slide out and creating a new one, but the unpacking of previous videos is still present.  This is causing more time and file size.  I saw some previous posts on this, but did not see a resolution.

I saw one thought of working from a local drive versus network and tried this, however, I still have the same issue.  Thoughts???

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- Thanks for reaching out, and I believe this may be the post you were referring to (which mentions working locally vs. on a network). You may want to take a look at the other troubleshooting steps listed here and let us know if you find improvement. Or, if issues persist, please say the word as we may need to put you in touch with our Support Engineers.