Previously Imported Audio Missing (Presenter 360)


  • Many of our WBT are 45+ slides in length. Often, these slides include audio with visuals sync’d to the audio.
  • When we go to import additional audio, we are finding that all of the previously imported and sync’d audio files are missing.
  • This has happened at various stages of production.

Temp Workaround

Throughout production we are using the Articulate Packaging for CD as back-up. This packaging includes linked or embedded items such as audio and any other files added to the package.

File>Export>Package Presentation for CD

Is this a known issue? Is there a resolution or a better workaround?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Robin,

Thanks for sharing the details of what's going on, and I have a few questions that'll help me narrow down why this might have happened:

  • How was the missing audio originally recorded? Was it recorded within PowerPoint or within the Articulate tab in Presenter? If the audio was originally recorded or imported in PowerPoint, you may be able to extract it from the PowerPoint file using these steps. Then import it into Presenter.
  • When you imported additional audio, did you import it from the Insert Audio feature within the Articulate tab? 
Robin Brandenburg

Hi, Alyssa--

All audio is recorded in our sound booth and then imported using Articulate>Import Audio. After QC, we publish the course for client review. Sometimes, client feedback requires editing or recording new audio. In those instances, we record new audio and then select Articulate>Import Audio to Remove or Insert new audio. It is at this point that we sometimes discover that all of the audio we previously imported and sync'd with animations is gone. Most of our courses are 45-100 slides in length. We have all the audio source files. The frustration is that we have to re-import and re-sync all the audio. It a huge loss of production time. Is this a known defect with Articulate Presenter 360 that is being addressed?



Alyssa Gomez

Hey Robin,

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly in regards to importing audio. Take a look at this article which outlines reasons why audio in Presenter may be missing or lost. You'll notice this article is for Presenter '13, but the same applies for Presenter 360. If the steps there don't make a difference in your file, reach out to our Support Engineers, and they'll work with you one-on-one based on your specific set up. 

Robin Brandenburg

This happened again yesterday. A ppta file with "-old" appeared. Upon attempting to open this file, the message "Error: Could not find associated presentation." displayed. The above link suggested deleting "-old" from the filename. Upon doing this, the file opened and all audio was present. Thank you for sharing this possible workaround. I will share the above link with our ISD team.