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Jun 27, 2011

I am required to automatically produced a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of an eLearning seminar I am building and expecting to launch soon.

The certificate is required to include the student’s name, course name, date of completion, course ID and my ID. My distinct preference is NOT to prompt for any information other than “Do you want the Certificate Printed now ?”

Naturally, the initial deployment of the Certificate of Completion will be basic format and content until I enter the slickification phase - and we all know this is the infamous project phase that never ends, it is simply abandoned !

My operating environment is Presenter/PowerPoint with multiple QuizMakers baked in. There will be a final QuizMaker that presents a survey following the final quiz.

Although I have not yet done so, I plan the seminar will operate within the Articulate Online LMS with each student required to sign-in to run the seminar. Presently, I have neither hands-on nor other working knowledge of Articulate Online, only what I have read. I suppose I’ll become an Articulate Online expert soon.


Can anyone offer some advice on how to best accomplish the objective of printing the Certificate of Completion. Pointing me in the right direction would be a great help.


Any thoughts on how can I make my end of seminar survey anonymous ?


Where can I find technical documentation, technical reference, tutorial or otherwise, on report.html, which seems to be part and parcel of QuizMaker.

I thank you all in advance for any suggestions, advice, questions, comments and/or snide remarks you may offer.

Thank you … Bill

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Bill Finnerty

That is interesting and I shall study that direction now and I thank you for the inputs.

At the same time, my Certificate has content requirements (i.e. The certificate is required to include the student’s name, course name, date of completion, course ID and my ID. ).

Is this data I can automatically/programmatically fetch from the Articulate Online environment ? I plan that each student will have a separate Articulate Online user ID and password used to access the Presenter/PowerPoint, with baked in QuizMaker, seminar.

Where can I find details on how to interface with Articulate Online and what data is available ?

Andy Lundquist

Bill's solution may be a better fit for you then mine, but I developed my own certificate printing system using HTML (and a really creative use of CSS). I don't know if it will work for your situation, but feel free to take a look. Check out the last slide in any of these modules:

Bill Finnerty


The formatting is attractive and your implementation gives me a few ideas BUT I cannot have prompting for student name I need to fetch that and rekated infomation directly from the system somewhere / somehow !

I am believing if I am using the Articulate Online environment and require each student to sign-on with their own user ID and password, then I know - or at least should know - who the student is and can fetch that automatically / programmatically alon g with other required data for inclusion on the certificate.

Bill Finnerty


My search continues - where there's a will, there's a way !

I am working with a regulatory agency that is very concerned about making certain that the student I think I am dealing with IS the student taking the seminar.

If anything comes to mind, please do let me know.

When I find something, I shall let you know.

Thank you ... Bill

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

All the info you need is there... You need to explore the LMS JavaScript with the published course to see how to pull the data from the LMS. 

It could either be done within Articulate or with a separate HTML/JavaScript file. I think the separate file might work best as it would allow for greater customization... and Articulate slides are the wrong ratio for letter size paper.

We sell a widget on that lets you grab the student's name.

I did a blog post on how I made it:

Bill Finnerty

Getting closer & closer, but still not there !!

Been successful building my “custom” report.html and baking it into a test QM survey.

When I have my business logo included, using , the certificate works almost as expected (certificate is propduced nicely buit the logo seems completely distorted color-wise and size wise - when I double click the report.html file in explorer and it behaves the same way when once baked into QM.  If I double click the source image file, windows picture manager displays it as expected.

I am using a JPG as the image file.

What’s the difference between JPG & PNG files?

Is there an easy way to convert JPG to PNG format ?

Is my problem likely based on using JPG instead of PNG ? (I never realized there was a difference!!)

Thanks … Bill

Bill Finnerty

Finally figured out the JPG-2-PNG issue.

Now I am looking for some assistance with HTML programming as follows.

Any one able to point me in the right direction ?

I am customizing report.html to include a single row table with 2 cells using the following HTML code:

Text that identifies the next cell contents: CELL #2

Specifically, I do not wish to hard code the value in row 1, cell 2, I want it to be variable.

My thought is define a variable, for example

var strCellText = “Super Stuff”,

and substitute the value of StrCellText as the content of the row 1, cell 2.

How do I do this ?

Forget my solution, how do I get HTML to make the table,

with variable cell contents, I’m looking for ?

Hector Martinez

I’m interested in creating a custom completion certificateon an Articulate course, and was wondering if anyone knew anyone who could help with the required HTML/JavaScript programming for this to work. 

I'm trying to pull the user name and course information automatically, into a new browser window, with a certificate template.

Does anyone know a company that would be able to provide this programming or help create this functionality?  We are using Oracle as our LMS platform.  I would like to do this without usingQuizzmaker, and without the user having to enter their names manually, becausethis might be potentially abused by folks printing certificates for others.

Thanks in advance for any help.

steven saxe

Brian Batt said:

Hi Bill,

You can use the report.html file in Quizmaker to create a customized certificate.  For more information, see the screencast in the link below:

Hi, Brian.

Using Quizmaker, I was able to use your updated report.html file great when I publish my quiz using the web option. However, when I select the publish to LMS option and view the quiz from Quizmaker (not our actual LMS), I get a blank page when I click "print results". Actually, my image displays (so I know your report.html file is being used) but nothing else. Is that what you get when you select the LMS option? Of course, I can try uploading to the LMS to see what happens but I am trying to get it right before sending it to the LMS.


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