Problem adding Articulate SCORM File to SABA

Hi there,

I have created an Articulate course and published it to LMS Scorm 1.2. The course runs fine when I upload it to my Moodle site but when we try and upload published zip file to my client's SABA environment the audio gets stripped from the file. We've tried viewing the file on their local drive and the audio works just fine but when we upload the zip file there is no audio. Their Saba support person say it's an Articulate problem - I disagree Has anyone experienced this problem and if you have do you have a solution for me? HELP!!!! We are at our wits end :)

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Brian Batt

Hi Shelby,

If it works in Moodle, then it should definitely work in Saba.  It sounds like a server configuration issue.  Can you ask your client if their server supports the MP3 mime type?  Also, what method do you use to upload the content to the SABA environment?  Are you uploading the ZIP file or is it being transferred via FTP?

Shelby Duckworth

Thanks for the quick response Brian. I spoke with them this morning and it looks like we may have the audio working however the videos weren't so I've converted them from .mp4 to flash and have republished. The problems we've been having don't make sense to me and I totally agree - if Moodle accepts the file, then Saba should to  

They were uploading the zip file - do you think FTP would work better? I'm hoping this is going to be a long relationship with this client and want to avoid this problem next time :) By the way, I just want to say how much I appreciate the support I receive from all of you. I brag about Articulate and the support team to anyone that will listen. Consider me a walking Articulate marketing billboard :) I'll let you know just as soon as they've uploaded the new version I'm sending them hoping it will be a successful upload this time. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Brian Batt

Hi Shelby,

Glad to hear that the audio is working.  The video issue also sounds like it's related to mime types.  You might want to forward the following information to your client:

Finally, ZIP files should be fine...I was just trying to get clarification on the method that they're using to upload the content to Saba.